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A sulfate-free formula that gently cleanses scalp and hair for all types of damaged hair.


Water is good for you. But not so great for your hair. The calcium in your shower water can lead to persistent hair damage leaving it rigid, dull & brittle. This powerful system removes calcium build up that causes damage and restores up to 99% of hair’s original strength*. It repairs persistent damage, reversing stiffness and dullness for 73% shinier hair**, and 2x smoother hair***. Hair is 93% stronger***.

  • Gently Cleanses to remove product build up
  • Layers on top of the Premiere Repairing Pre-shampoo Treatment to remove calcium and repair hair
  • Provides stronger, shinier hair

*with continuous use of the system
**vs. unwashed hair
*** vs. non conditioning shampoo

Bain Decalcifiant Reparateur

  • Apply on wet hair, layered on top of Première Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Massage and emulsify. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Première Fondant or Mask.

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