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Workshops are conducted every

Monday at 9am & 1pm.

J SALON is committed to providing on-going, advanced training and education for our stylists.  The focal point of our training are weekly classes taught by our educators where our stylists sharpen their skills on live models.


Our advanced color workshops are conducted every Monday at 9 am and cutting workshops at 1pm.  We are always looking for new models to work with our team.  Men and women are invited to participate as models.   It's a great opportunity to receive quality hair care services at an unbelievable price.


Haircuts are free and hair color is just $35 for hair models.


To be a hair model at J SALON, you must first come in for a consultation.  No appointment is necessary, just drop by during business hours.  Our training is very structured and haircuts and color techniques are taught in a specific progression, therefore specific hair length and texture have to be considered when selecting a model.


If you're flexible and want to update your look with a new haircut and/or color stop in the salon for a consultation.

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