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Select an enhancement to take your head spa experience to another level!

Fusio-Dose               $43

With up to 30 unique combinations, NEW Fusio Dose in-salon treatments instantly transform your hair. Composed of two parts, a concentre and a booster, Fusio Dose treatments are performed by trained Kerastase stylists to help you address your main hair concerns and are formulated based on your hair goals.

Kerastase Masque    $43

Hair masks are typically the most highly concentrated formulas for delivering deep conditioning to the hair. A hair mask will infuse extra nourishment, moisture, and shine, resulting in healthy-looking hair. A great hair mask is an essential part of any routine for all hair types and hair concerns. The best hair mask will also improve the health of the scalp to boost the strength of hair at the root, although most hair masks are intended for use on lengths and ends. 

Shu Uemura Mask    $43

Shu Uemura hair masks are for frizzy hair, colored, dull, or damaged hair, as well as moisturizing hair masks that help to soften hair.  Yor service provider will select the correct mask for your unique hir and scalp needs.  



Prepared exclusively in Kérastase salons, Rituel d’exception régénérant is the ultimate youth revitalizing concoction for hair and scalp with an exclusive instant mixture of the essential revitalizing masque with a dose of vital concentrate pearls.  

These biomimetic caviar beads contain concentrated revitalizing actives that add nourishing, plumping power to the lustrous cream texture of a classic Kérastase hair mask. Prepared on the spot by the hairdresser, the mixture is applied to the hair with a brush and left to penetrate for 5-10 minutes.

The Chronologiste ingredient trio of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Abyssine works in concert to leave the hair visibly, palpably soft, plump and shiny—an incredible youth-forward effect that rejuvenates the scalp, hair and senses.



45 minutes

75 minutes

Cell phone, computer screen...causes neck stiffness, headaches, eyestrain....


A head spa service is a rejuvenating, multi-sensory experience that focuses on the scalp and hair. It involves gentle stretching, massage, deep cleansing, and the application of nourishing products to promote relaxation and enhance hair health. This treatment aims to relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and leave you with a refreshed and revitalized scalp and luscious locks.


Maintaining a healthy scalp is crucial for healthy hair. Not only it promotes the health of your scalp and hair, but it also helps relieve stress from headaches, migraine, and more. It brings immediate relaxation, and deeper and long-term benefits of a natural sleep-enhancing therapy to boost mental clarity. As an added benefit, a natural facelift is one of the bonuses of experiencing Head Spa. Acupressure and massage to the scalp support your face muscle from sagging. Head Spa En will do the heavy lifting for our clients while the clients are relaxed.


 to remove clogged sebum and dirt from the pores of the scalp.​

massage smoothes blood circulation in the scalp, leading to healthy skin and hair. This treatment is expected to improve skin care and hair quality. After a comfortable shampoo, blow-drying is performed

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