Brush up your beauty basic with CAILYN O! Circle Brush. Achieve fabulously flawless, airbrush finish in seconds with this innovative, time-saving tool. This ingeniously designed beauty brush hosts over one million micro-fine, ultra-soft, beautifying bristles that will brush up your beauty basics effortlessly in one clean sweep. Ergonomic technology offers palm grip for maximum precision and control, while the 35° angle reaches every corner of the face including the hollow of eyes, side of the nose, and neck areas. With a sleek and sturdy storage case, CAILYN O! Circle Brush is a perfect travel companion in every makeup bag.



1. Brush head comprised of 1,254,400 micro-fine, soft, beautifying bristles.

2. Palm Grip for Maximum Pressure Control.

3. 35˚ Angle for Every Corner of the Face.

4. Perfect Storage Solution. HOW TO USEApply liquid foundation, CC / BB cream, or foundation powder on the skin.


Gently blend the product with CAILYN O! Circle Brush in a gentle, circular motion. Tilt the brush to utilize 35° angle to reach the hollow of eyes, side of the nose, and neck area.

O! Wow Circle Brush